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Partnered Twitch streamer. Crypto enthusiast. Entrepreneur. Music producer.

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About Me

I am a Serbian streamer & influencer brought up in Belgrade. I started streaming in 2014 and developed a strong community following early on in my career during the Amazon purchase of Twitch in August 2014, when a broader commercial attention turned towards the esports and streaming community. After taking a break from my streaming career mid 2017, i've made a comeback in November 2018 with over 13,800 unique views and 450,000 minutes of watched content in my first month back in the spotlight! Prior to my short break from streaming, i've had an all-time high of 3700 subscribers on Twitch as well as a viewer all-time high of 6300 live viewers while playing CS:GO.

Record Speedruner

I'm curently holding a Speedrun.com verified world record for a full game Silent Assassin run in Hitman 2. I've managed to beat the entire game front to back in just 15 minutes and 32 seconds.

Bigger following

With all of my social outlets combined my community is over 400,000 people strong! Find the links in the social bar!

Multiple games

I play different games on the channel, usually start with Fortnite and then proceed on over to play CS:GO, Sea of Thieves or anything the community is expressing interest in watching.

Daily streams

I'm doing daily streams averaging from 4 to 8 hours. Be sure to tune in!


I have had various successful collaborations with many different companies from all around the world ranging from simple advertisement to bigger sponsorship deals including giveaways for my community, recieving free swag and gear etc.

If by any chance you would like to collaborate with me on a project or would like to sponsor the stream, you can always reach out to me at nikolarntv@gmail.com


AKRacing sponsored the stream for a year, we did a community giveaway and on top of it all i had a discount code for my viewers and managed to sell quite a couple of chairs through it. I'm still rocking the AKRacing Nitro to this very day.


I had a two year contract with G2A, on top of recieving a bunch of giftcards every month to giveaway to the community, i had my own discount code and i was recieving free merch every month. Once i recieved a big wooden chest with a knife inside mimicking a CSGO case opening.


As a crypto enthusiast i've always liked researching companies within the crypto space. HowDoo is the first blockchain company i've ever worked with. HowDoo has sponsored the stream and there are plans for HowDoo to provide giveaways in the future for my community.

Do You Have a Question ?

If you're a company and you're looking to reach out and potentially collaborate on a project, sponsor the stream or you just want me to try your product out, the email is nikolarntv@gmail.com

If you're an individual that is watching the stream, that is following my social outlets, supporting me here and there, first of all THANK YOU! If by any chance you want to reach out and drop some feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to email me as well at nikolarntv@gmail.com

You can also reach me via any of my social outlets you can find here on the page in the social bar.

Be sure to join my Discord server where i'm available 24/7! You can find it here: https://discord.gg/aebrq5x